Familie Scholten-Sijses

Joannes WernerusZijhoff1762

Joannes WernerusZijhoff
Christening March 7, 1762
Shared note: Patrini Joan Henrico Kinckinck et Sophia Zijhoff dicta Vosshaar
Christening of a brotherAntonius JopsephusZijhoff
April 19, 1764 (Age 2 years)
Shared note: Patrini Joe Hermanno Zijhoff et Joanna Wiggerinck
Christening of a sisterAnna MariaZijhoff
February 4, 1766 (Age 3 years)
Shared note: Patrini Joanna Wiggerick dicto Koldeweij et Christina Zijhoff
Death of a maternal grandfatherTonnisWijcherinck
November 7, 1766 (Age 4 years)
Christening of a sisterAntoniaZijhoff
April 5, 1768 (Age 6 years)
Shared note: Patrini Adelheide Zijhoff et Arnoldo Knickinck
Christening of a brotherHenricus JacobusZijhoff
July 26, 1769 (Age 7 years)
Shared note: 63/13
Christening of a brotherJoannes HenricusZijhoff
February 21, 1772 (Age 9 years)
Shared note: Patrini Henrico Zijhoff et Joanna Bonenberg condicta Kinckinck
Christening of a brotherJoannes WernerusAntonius
May 9, 1774 (Age 12 years)
Shared note: Patrini Joe Hermanni zihoff et Joanna Wissing condicta Wiegerink
Death of a fatherLubertusZijhoff
after 1802 (Age 39 years)

Death of a sisterEuphemia MariaZijhoff
January 28, 1808 (Age 45 years)
Type: 2
February 3, 201716:37:02 (Age 254 years)



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Marriage: August 10, 1755Groenlo
17 months
elder sister
1 year
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
22 months
2 years
younger brother
22 months
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
16 months
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother

Patrini Joan Henrico Kinckinck et Sophia Zijhoff dicta Vosshaar